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Gas and fuel Solution

Gas and fuel

YTCOM provides explosion-proof communications equipment that is the safest solution for sites that have flammable and hazardous materials such as oil and gas drilling zones. The company provides digital and analog radios that are able to meet all the needs of the forces working in the field. YTCOM radios meet the international standards required for explosive environment conditions such as FM, ATEX, IECEX and UL913. These devices and other solutions of the company are safe according to the highest and most stringent standards required in the fields of oil and gas according to IS rules and suitable for convenient and efficient work Also with work gloves.

YTCOM’s solutions ensure:

  • Increased safety – All FM, ATEX, IECEX and UL913 equipment focused on IS includes a variety of important features such as: GPS, emergency calls, casualty reporting and automatic emergency so that staff can stay in touch and know what the status of other workers in the field, at any time and place.
  • Extremely durable communications – Our communications equipment at YTCOM meets the most stringent US military standards (810, C, D, E, F and G).
  • Smart Dispatch – a smart communication platform that enables smooth and reliable communication between different radios. Our smart system allows you to communicate on a variety of types of radios such as: Tetra, PSTN, DMR and more. The platform enables the transfer of various data beyond sound, such as video, monitoring and a variety of other tools that are central to the refining industry and ensure efficient work and safe production.
  • Convenient communication over time – with the help of our coverage solutions at YTCOM, basements and electromagnetic protection infrastructures are not considered uncovered areas. Thanks to our digital transmission, the transmission flow will not be interrupted and you will be able to transmit important data and sound transmissions quickly and immediately.
  • Emergency calls and broadcasts – Full control over communication so you can determine what is considered an emergency broadcast and stop calls that are not important at critical moments and in real time. Also our radios have the ability to send emergency signals automatically in case something happens to an employee in the field.

With all of the above options, YTCOM’s systems will allow you to manage your teams and work in the field in a particularly efficient and secure manner.

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