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Easy Talk

The increasing frequency of natural disasters and public emergencies poses a great challenge to government organizations like police, law enforcement, and firefighting. To better respond when emergency strikes, a secure, reliable, and efficient dispatching system is in urgent demand.

In an ever-changing world and ever-evolving working environment, highly efficient resource deployment and quick response to customers is a must for every business group that strives for survival and growth.

As a leading supplier of professional wireless communications equipment and solutions, YTCOM is ready to help you conquer these challenges with EasyTalk™ dispatch system digital dispatching solution.

EasyTalk dispatch system a dispatching system developed on a digital platform is designed for efficient communication, management, and dispatching of professional users.

Characterized by C/S structure and modularized design and supporting VoIP, it delivers you an enhanced dispatching and deployment platform with a tailored communications network and control center.

System Benefits:

  • Fast connection – PTT on smart or ruggedized mobile devices.
  • Emergency button – smart distress transmission to dispatch system.
  • GIS system – Location apps.
  • Transfer messages and files to a single subscriber or subscriber group.
  • Operating and control station with advanced Dispatcher system capabilities
  • National and global network coverage
  • Linking capabilities between DMR systems and the easy talk system
  • A wide range of devices including ruggedized devices, explosion-proof devices and related accessories.

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