Private LTE / 5G

Understanding the need for high bandwidth communications with operational flexibility and the importance of connectivity – CENTAUR was created- the world’s first HYBRID NETWORK in a BOX (NIB).

The most advanced & flexible private network in the industry, providing an extensive range of capabilities including 2G/3G/4G/5G communications, PTT over cellular with LMR bridging and a fully resilient Command & Control management, with Hybrid connectivity to commercial networks over any backhaul channel.

CENTUAR’s Hybrid technology enables the first ever capability to service commercial SIM’s and connect between private & commercial network communications, supporting AD-HOC connectivity of devices and allowing civilians and non-planned crews to join the NIB with any cellular device.

Save Money: CENTAUR’s flexibility, enabling communications with any mobile device and integrating PTT over Cellular with LMR/DMR HF/VHF 2-way radios enables customers to save money on initial network rollout supporting the utilization of existing equipment and user devices. CENTAUR enhanced policy enforcement and Over the Top applications enable effective and high-performance operations while reducing backhaul expenditures.