IDS – Integrated Device Station

IDS is responsible for collecting the data of law enforcement recorder, which can be in the form of hardware equipment of acquisition station which has deployed software or IDS software which is deployed on ordinary PC.

It can collect audio, video and picture data. At the same time, it realizes the business functions of browsing data, playback data.

Highlights of IDS

Supports automatic evidence collection from BWCs upon connection. Supports automatic deletion of data from BWCs after collection.

Allows you to easily locate BWCs with intuitive user interface. Supports touch screen for easier control.

Supports IP-based deployment for unified management through the DEM.

IDS is a software solution running on PC/Windows workstations connected to BWCs over USB.
IDS detects when a device is connected to automatically collect and securely store video evidence from the Hytera Body Cameras either directly via USB cable or via a multi-charging docking station. IDS is password protected, ensuing that only authorized personnel have access with permissions based on their role. Users can manage and configure dozens of body cameras. IDS can connect in parallel to up to 30 cameras for data collection over USB.
Administrators can review, manage and share video evidence simply and efficiently. Users can easily search evidence footage by officer name, date, media type & tags.