Ytcom Group communication solutions

YTCom provides best of breed solutions with a complete portfolio for

  • Digital Radio (DMR) Tier 1-2/3, Tetra/LMR with complete infrastructure
  • Wideband technologies such as PoC(Push To Talk Over Cellular)
  • MCPTx (Mission Critical PTT/Video/Location)
  • Centralized/De-Centralized Body Worn Camera and Evidence Management Systems
  • Smart Unified Communication System for Seamless integration of all the technologies (Control&Command Rooms)
  • Resilience solutions: Private Cellular infrastructures LTE (4G/5G) – Network In A Box/portable repeaters
  • Dedicated engineering department for planning, deployment and design of Turn-Key Solutions

About Us

YTCom specializes in providing a variety of services for the design, construction, sale, and rental of analog and/or digital wireless (DMR) solutions, IT systems, systems Nationwide communications (POC), closed private network systems (Private LTE), body cameras and additional technologies, and their connection to a dedicated control and monitoring station for routine and emergency solutions, operational events, response to safety, logistical and security needs.

Private LTE as Service​

Provides a comprehensive enterprise cellular network.

  • Leverages existing infrastructure
  • Optimized user experience
  • Powerful and simple management
  • Cybersecurity built-in


Designed for: business continuity, cost effectiveness
optimal communication performance, Security &

Integrated Device Station (IDS)

IDS is responsible for collecting the data of law enforcement recorder, which can be in the form of hardware equipment of acquisition station which has deployed software or IDS software which is deployed on ordinary PC.

It can collect audio, video and picture data. At the same time, it realizes the business functions of browsing data, playback data.

Digital Evidence Management (DEM)

Digital Evidence Management (DEM) is a management system designed to collect, store, query, and analyze the digital evidence such as videos, audios, and photos from integrated docking stations (IDSs), body worn cameras (BWCs), or other terminals.

Adopting a microservice architecture, the DEM supports local deployment and cloud-based deployment. Providing rich services such as evidence management, map-based evidence, evidence tags, and data analysis, the DEM is widely used in areas including public safety, judiciary, emergency, firefighting, transportation, and energy.