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    About Us

    The YTCOM Group (Yehuda Tal Communications Ltd.) has been operating in the wireless communication solutions market since 1987. The group owns a number of companies that specialize in providing a variety of services for the design, construction, sale and rental of analogue and / or digital wireless (DMR) solutions, IT systems, systems Nationwide communications (POC), closed private network systems (Private LTE), additional technologies and their connection to a dedicated control and monitoring station for the customer.

    The members of the YTCOM Group specialize in routine and emergency solutions, operational events, response to safety, logistical and security needs.

    In addition, the group provides solutions and support for routine events such as: cultural events, film photography, international productions, construction projects, trips and camps in Israel and abroad.

    In addition, the group has established a technological infrastructure, a service and sales system, and a network of maintenance and repair laboratories nationwide and with high availability in Israel.

    The YTCOM Group serves as the sole representative in Israel of the Hytera Group, a leader in the field of digital communications in the world (DMR). The group markets a wide range of solutions including: analog and digital systems and communication devices, fixed and portable relays, base devices, mobile devices for vehicles as well as various models of portable devices, management, monitoring and control systems, real-time video transmission systems and more. In addition, the group imports a rich selection of accessories and peripherals for the various communication systems, for managing and securing large-scale events and productions.

    The YTcom Group is considered a pioneer and leader in the field of PTT Over Cellular (POC) in Israel and is licensed by the Ministry of Communications to operate POC in Israel. This is done through the development of the Easy Talk platform, a smart national communication service solution that operates on a cellular data transmission network.

    In the last year (2020) with the outbreak of the corona pandemic (19 COVID) the group was prepared to provide its customers with solutions in the field of protection and medical care ranging from respirators, portable monitors that transmit data live to a medical control center, laboratories and reagents for corona testing, protective masks, disinfectants, portable thermometers, protective jumpers, Portable magnetometers, body cameras, terminals and more.

    The YTCOM Group has a wide range of customers, including: security and government bodies, municipal authorities, business companies and international infrastructure, including: emergency and rescue organizations, municipalities and regional councils, commercial companies, factories, banks, hospitals, academic institutions and more.


    YTCOM all IT solutions

    Leave details and we will get back to you soon